Custom Software Development


building software better

We believe that agile development can bring the solutions to escape the complexity of traditional structures.

Human Centered

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.

Easy to build

Working software over comprehensive documentation.

Awesome Technology

Customer collaboration over contract negotiation.

Super Flexible

Responding to change over following a plan.

Enterprise back to simple!

In the enterprise environment we build software applications because most users can’t operate direct SQL commands to process their work. Software applications are build to translates the enterprise operations into SQL commands to increase user's efficiency when processing data.

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Experienced Development

Years in the enterprise arena

Exclusive experience analyzing, designing, developing, and implementing custom enterprise applications in the area of academics, accounting, costs control, payroll, data collection, documents management, events management, product promotion, and social environments. We are always looking for the next challenge.

Enterprise Experience

28 years of experience developing enterprise applications

World wide Development

Experienced developing globally use systems across multiple continents.

Web Stack

Java, JavaScript, Bootstrap, JQuery, CSS


PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL server, Oracle, others...

Server Configuration

Linux, Apache2, Tomcat, SSL, DNS.


REST, SOAP, XML, JSON, CSV, API management.

OOP Analysis

Object Oriented Analysis and Design.

Less is better

Minimalistic approach when researching a process or problem.


Artistic user interface and experience leading on practicality.


English and Spanish


Development is our hobby and passion.

Challenge Oriented

We are always searching for the next challenge and the learning opportunities.